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Monday, 15 March 2010

gettin it done

Everything is now rolling on at an insane pace. We're about the shoot the last few bits of film for the project. All the construction is now being hastily built in China. Incredible how fast they are putting this stuff together.
this is one of the big sculpture parts:

Doesn't look like much but give it another week and you'll be amazed at how finished it will be.

Meanwhile one disaster was our lovely horse film turned out awful. We shot in 3D but the guy we used clearly got his mathc wrong and when we starting editing the footage was unusable due to the quality. It's such a shame as th shots were great, just all the wrong frame rate. We kinda got ripped off, the guy telling us he could achieve what we wanted but it was nowhere near. We're now arguing to try and get our money back as we have to re-shoot the whole damn thing this week.

Now we got the government money the pressure's off a little and we can fine tune things and bring in some extra people to lighten the load. I've been getting by on 4-5 hours sleep for the last month or two and I'm physically and mentally beaten so now, with a few extra bodies, I'm able to delegate more and focus on the final content. 
Have had a whirlwind of meeting s with various film production people to get the exact results i need and spending the rest of my time checking on PR progress, editing film myself and diving into meetings with government and lawyers every day.

The PR machine will start rolling this week with a few teaser flyers and press releases but the big push doesn't happen until the week before and all through April while the show is up.

Below shows our final mock up for the cinemas that show the horse film and the trapeze film.
We went off to FanLing, near the border with China to scout for locations for another last minute film. This is the Eric Hu run film which is basically a scary movie. Eric found this amazing abandoned army barracks that we can wander around all night with a bunch of friends all dressed up like freaks. We'll take out a ton of beer and make a night of it.

So it's all kinda under control now, just moving very very fast. Only a month until we open so the pressure is even more on right now. but, man, it's a hell of an adventure.


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