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Thursday, 6 May 2010


A lot of people came through the show today, I gave a little tour to them. They seemed genuinely engaged and amazed. It was lovely to see, it really picked me up. I got talking to a few people after and I was whining on about no support and the daily dramas. They were very sympathetic and keen to help by spreading the word. I caught myself acting like a little bitch.

Then i spent a few hours chatting with Lyn and Roy, going through the accounts. Strangely it cheered me up!
Because as I turned the pages of receipts and invoices, from lighting bills, to carpentry, to neons, to film production... i realised just what a wealth of productivity the whole adventure has been. All these hundreds of people going about their various tasks on dozens of pieces of art that make up this mammoth exhibition. All that energy stored up in steel and lightbulbs and harddrives. Quite extraordinary. We really did build the impossible.

OK, it's not perfect but can you tell me anyone or anywhere you've seen anything on this scale built anywhere in the world for this little money, with this level of quality and content? And in 3D!

Only 3 weeks left. Make the most of it!


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