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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


New York was a whirlwind. With only 2 full days there was much to do. Straight off the plane I hooked up with a bunch of people old and new. Max and his entourage whisked us off in blacked out cars to 'The  Standard', the latest hot spot hotel with a club called 'Le Bain' which features a massive hot tub in the middle of the club which the wasted inevitably tumble into. From there on to 'Madame Wong's' and from there after,  the night was a blur.
I stayed at the Ace Hotel, the ultimate hipster hotel (so fucking sick of hipsters, fixed wheel bicycles, RayBan's and side partings and cliche retro tattoos). Still, the hotel was wonderful and from there, over a couple of days, I managed to squeeze in all the NYC had to offer. NYC is wonderful, the design of it, the details, the public space, the secrets, the architecture and on and on.

I didn't take many photos, have been to NYC so many times and taken so many photos over the last few years. Caught with almost everyone on my list including the wonderful Lee Burridge (an ex-HK resident now a superstar international DJ). We took a posse down to his event on a rooftop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 'all day I dream of'.

Also managed a lunch with Charles who picks up the tab and as usual reminds me I'm on the right trajectory. Just do your thing and do it well.
His magazine Artforum is such a shining example of the genuine, and his team are a family. It's how I hope Future Industries will develop, organically with integrity. It's not the most profitable route but it's the most enriching.

La Esquina, Central Park, Freemans, and on and on. The only disappointment was missing Alexander McQueen at the MET which we'd heard so much about, closed on Monday's (NYC is supposed to be the city that never sleeps but that's bullshit, all the shops close at 5.30 as do the museums and many have a day or two when they're closed. Hong kong, that's a city that doesn't sleep).
I'm not much of a fashion fan but I picked up the book of the McQueen show and was surprised to see similarities with some of the monsters I've produced (not to suggest I am anywhere near that amazing talent!!). Subliminally influenced I suppose, as it is with all work one produces. Made me want to do a runway show,  maybe in another life...

Above are works by me and below the late great McQ....

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