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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Every circus needs a freakshow

There's a large part of the Hope and glory installation that is a freakshow of sorts. Literally a dozen or more people who sit around the exhibition who look like bizarre creatures.
This came about originally when I came across the work of Lucy McRae, an incredibly talanted creative Australian girl working in Holland. I asked her to get involved in the show and she generated a number of initial concepts.

Lucy's work can be seen here:

From that point I've been working with Alvina Lee who works at the HKAPA in the costume department and Florian Ma, a HK artist who's joined the project as full time assistant.
So we've been testing and experimenting with new textures and designs and basically dressing Florian up and taking him out on to the street to film him looking like an alien. Much fun.

We'll find out any day if we get government funding, and of that happens we'll be able to bring Lucy back in to do something very unique. She would produce a new one off special creature that we would then film using the latest hologram technology. This hologram would then be played inside the exhibition. A first for HK. I went to London to negotiate with the hologram guys who were extremely helpful and gave us an incredible deal so I'm extremely excited at the possibility of pulling it off. It's still very expensive so unfortunately if we don't get government support, we're screwed.

Fingers crossed.

The multi-talented Florian Ma.

This is Alvina.

One of Lucy's early tests.

And a more recent one.

This is one of our test from the last few days.

And this is one of Lucy's works which we've developed further.

And another of our new tests.

Will upload more and some film when time allows.

Peace, out.

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