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Friday, 5 February 2010


This week I got arrested, not a new experience I'm sorry to say. This time it was lame because it was just unpaid fines. As usual it relates to my motorcycle which in this instance I'd fallen off after some idiot pulled out in front of me. I lay in the dirt and the guy never even got out the van to help me out. No broken bones thankfully but when the cops showed up they checked over my bike and found out the license had expired so gave me a thousand bucks worth of tickets.
Anyway, I never got around to paying the ticket and eventually they put a warrant out and turned up at 11pm when i was in a nice hot bath and put the cuffs on me and bundled me into a police truck. I fully looked like a major criminal. How ridiculous.
Now, having experienced what dicks the cops here can be, very over zealous, i called a lwyer friend. AJ Halkes. He raced down and bailed me out. Good job too because my next day was full on with meetings, a lecture and a very expensive film shoot.
We shot a white horse, at night in 3D! yep, 3D! Pretty cool.
The final film is part of Hope and Glory.
Anyway, the point of it all is, I forgot to organise a photographer to document the filming but it just so happens that AJ Halkes is also a very talented photographer so he hopped on board and joining us out in Yuen Long and became our boy.
Strange how things turn out. Police+Lawyer+Horse=art.

Here's a couple of AJ's shots.

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