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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Show overview and $$$

 This is Stanley Wong also known as anothermountainman, who has given us graphic design, book design and website design, all for free as his contribution to the show.

Ok, this is a boring one but worth a quick update for my own benefit, just a quick round up of where i'm at and may prove useful to new viewers of this blog:

As you may or may not know i am taking over a 20,000sq ft Swire properties space in April this year.
For 2 months it will house the biggest art installation in HK history; Hope and Glory.
It is something like the experience of Alice in wonderland, a completely immersive and experiential exhibition.
The audience wander through the space surrounded by large sculptures, performers, cinema screens and installations.

The show lasts for 2 months from April and is open to the public free of charge, there is no income from the show at all.

Swire, the property company that control Island East and the Artistree space that is the venue for the show, have been incredibly supportive, giving us the space for free, it would cost anyone else $4,000,000 to rent the space for the same period. It also shows a great deal of trust and faith and risk exposure to allow an independent artist to run riot in the place. The team here are really lovely and great to work with. The people who I deal with day to day, have been just so generous with their time and attention.The show is a pioneering effort and I do have support in other ways.
Many people who I know personally have chipped in where they can.
Other artists have given their time to help with production, famous actors appearing in the films at no charge, architects doing all the technical drawings for a free painting or two, musicians composing works just for the fun of it. It's very encouraging and touching that people, the  real people who don't have much money, do want to contribute.
This is James Lavelle of UNKLE and Mo Wax fame who is producing music for many of the films in the show. No charge.

It's generated a huge amount of enthusiasm amongst such people who, can't help with money, but give themselves for no reward other than the fun of being involved in such a monumental effort. At the weekend I had a full studio of friends just getting their hands dirty helping to build stuff. I had 2 different friends both offer to produce the entire book for the exhibition for free! I have another friend who has been calling around and trying to convince people who could support the show. Amazing. Lucky monkey that I am.

This effort and endeavor has been recognised formally by HK University who, in an unprecedented move, have endorsed the show and are running forum, tours and lectures at the show, commenting on it's example as being cultural significant, the synergy of the project specifically, and the endeavor of it's creation in this particular consumer and commodity driven environment. Literally hundreds of young doctors and humanities students will be dragged around the show to engage with it.
This is Eric Hu who is producing an entire film for Hope and Glory. Just for fun.

It's worth re-iterating the significance of this as it's a first in education in HK, for our largest learning institution to be involved in such a project in such a way. It's about as out of the box as they've ever been. The repercussions of this will be reported on around the world.

Luckily Louis Vuitton have come in with the support necessary to manage this part of the exhibition and further to that both Diesel and Shanghai Tang will manage the opening and closing events of the exhibition and the PR necessary. There are a number of other companies who have contributed in whatever way they can, like Xook who are doing free PR work and ADM Capital Foundation who lent us a pile of laptops.

More synergy. It is a real first in HK to have commercial, corporate, artists, creative industries and education and NGO's all involved in the same project. It's quite overwhelming. Organisations like HK Youth Arts Foundation and HK Cancer fund also are involved in supporting the exposure of the show and during the show's run, Sotheby's and Christies both have their spring auctions and may have VIP tours of the show for collectors, as well as 145 international galleries all taking part in the ArtHK international art fair, who's main outside party event is at Hope and Glory.
This is Andy Lee who is managing the building of a skate ramp for the show at no charge.

Even though I'm rapidly descending into debt to finance the show on my credit cards, I was prepared for this and I'm not complaining at all. I'm honestly grateful to be in a place where I have the opportunity to build this thing, the support that I've got so far, and the resources and freedoms of such an amazing city like Hong Kong, however broke I am at the end of it.

This is Daniel Wu, a Hong Kong actor, and Lisa S, a supermodel, who are acting in some of the films for no fee, the dog wanted paying so he got cut out.

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