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Thursday, 1 April 2010


Public holiday in HK today but the Hope and Glory construction rolls on regardless.
I'm in and out of the editing suite as a run back and forth to the space. Only a week now until it's all ready and still so much work to do.
Am constantly tired but couldn't be happier with it all. The momentum is relentless on both the physical side on site and the repercussions of the event too.
The phone rings constantly with conversations about PR, forum organisation, event management, book publication, merchandise and a million other things that are the life of the show after the doors open.
There is work to manage for the next 2 months with a wonderful forum series at the show which Valerie and Robert (if I'm Luke Skywalker then I guess they're Han Solo and Princess Leia) have managed with incredible intelligence and consideration.
I encourage all to join these discussions as they will give insight, not only to the show but also to where Hong Kong is at culturally and what the future may hold. They have lined up some extremely competent and reputable people to join the panel that will discuss these topics.
Both Robert and Valerie have given there time freely with no reward, just because they believe strongly in the cultural development of our community. Would be hard to find two more compassionate and considerate people.

There have been many other people along the way that have shared this spirit of contribution. It's a wonderful thing and certainly gives me hope for the direction of humanity and encourages me to be a better person and live in a more considerate way and, hopefully, to continue to make good art and share it with the world.

which is exactly what I've been doing all week! and here's some shots of the last couple of days of production to prove it....!

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