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Thursday, 1 April 2010


Hong Kong is just amazing.
The rate at which these guys are building our show is simply astonishing.
There are around 20 guys in the space at any one time, steelworkers, riggers, carpenters, etc.
Each one is loud and seems to love using bad language but they are so involved and energetic at their task. They don't complain, they get it done, and they are all such specialists, so good at their part of the construction.

It's a wonderful thing to see. I pulled back all the curtains at the venue so people walking by could see inside, just as watching the circus tent going up would've been part of the spectacle when it came to town.

But it's the speed of it. Yesterday there was a pile of plywood and today it is beautifully finished art. Only in Hong Kong. Anywhere else in the world you'd be waiting months for the quote but here you need a wall throwing up, it's done in hours.

We are all very lucky to be in such a fantastic, convenient, problem solving city.

When  I asked the workers if they felt rushed having only 7 days to build, they laughed. They said that usually they would only have 24 hours to do a job like this (they normally put up trade fairs at the convention and exhibition center).

Anyway, I need to take some more shots but forgot the camera today so will upload more tomorrow.

An amazing experience for all of us involved. We've been talking about this show for over a year but to see it actually realised is quite an experience.

I posted up a Facebook page for the show and in half a day over a hundred people became fans. It just feels like an incredible momentum is building towards the show opening.

OK, back to work....

Peace out.

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