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Monday, 12 April 2010

hard day at the office

man, this has been a tough one today. so many little details that still not right with the show. i doubt the public notice as the show is fully functioning and looks insane as you can see from the photos.
but i see little details, some of which can't be fixed, like the lighting which turns out to be impossible to fix because of very limited power and access in the space.

anyway, we'll see what we can throw together in the next 24 hours to improve things. except we can't afford anything so I'm trying to do it all myself lo fi.
also the horse 3D is not as amazing as i hoped so i'm ripping the whole lot out tomorrow and replacing it over night with a big new system. lucky i can do a barter deal with the tech company so it won't cost.

anyway, a few bits of fine tuning but by the time the party rolls on thursday, it should be perfect. then maybe by the weekend i can finally sleep for more than 5 hours....


  1. looking forward to see hope and glory!

    great work!



  2. dude, its a big show and you've done a great job. Its part of our jobs to hide the failures if there are and if none of the majority notices or comments, hell you've done a good job.

  3. i'm new to your work, looks good though !!

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