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Thursday, 28 January 2010


So we got a call from the government today. The head of the fund called and was very enthusiastic about the project. He said they were seriously considering giving us the money but that they needed more information about the content of the artworks, the audience figures and the concepts behind the show. I think they wanna make sure there's nothing offensive in there and that they don't give us cash for a project and then have only 20 people show up to it.
They also asked if we'd take less money than the total necessary, to which we of course said we'd take whatever they'd give!
It's a huge deal!! I cannot tell you how much, for the government in HK to actually even be considering sponsoring a contemporary art installation like this. It would be big news here. Our government tends to be extremely conservative with these kind of things. They give a little cash to the ballet and the orchestra but to a fucking huge conceptual circus built by a bunch of freaks? Wow.
It would be a big deal for sure and will hopefully encourage other artists to follow with equally ambitious works.
We shall see......

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