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Friday, 15 January 2010


The show is expensive. Over $10million HK$. I can't afford it myself though I'm putting all I've got into it. I have some sponsors so far:

Louis Vuitton - they cover the expense of running lectures and discussion panels.
Diesel - they are taking care of opening party and graphic design.
Shanghai Tang - still thinking of what they wanna do but they've offered some cash.
Swire properties - they are giving me the venue, a 20,000sq ft space called Artistree, amazing!
G.O.D. - the interior shop, or rather Douglas the owner, is covering one of the installations as a collaboration.
Xook - a local PR company who are taking care of invites and press
KplusK - awesome local architects who are doing all the drawings for the sculpture designs, ridiculous how much work they're doing for me
10 Chancery Lane Gallery - these guys represent me in HK and are doing a lot of very helpful things.

on top of all that we have a lot of friends that are helping by giving us their mailing lists or other favours:
Hong Kong Cancer Fund
Sovereign Art Foundation
Musion - a British company that make hologram films that are giving us a huge discount.

and then there's the people who are just helping out with their time:
Dan Wu, Lisa S, Stanley Wong, Douglas Young, James Lavelle/UNKLE, Gary Gunn, Eric Hu, Terrence Yin, CB Fresh, Race Wong, Grace Huang, Natalie Kadoorie, Nina and Emma Shenkman, Li Xu, Alvina Lee, 24 Herbs, Errol Samuels, Kim Haslam, Gary Kramer, Rocky Yip, Stephen Chan...gee, the list goes on.
It's pretty much a who's who of HK and a lot of friends of mine from all over the place.

People have really been extremely generous to me by getting involved and there's really not much reward other than the fun of doing it and the coolness of all being involved in a huge creative project.

As the weeks go on I'll put more details about the various contributors and what they do and how they're involved.

Some of the big contributors I'm giving paintings to as payment.

I put this ad in from the Shackleton expedition to the South Pole. He wasn't successful but the spirit was all good.

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