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Friday, 15 January 2010

References images.

These above 2 images are computer renderings of the Hope and Glory layout. You can see the large central 'las vegas' style sculpture, measures about 20m x 4 tall.
The big star is a 4mx4m light scuplture. The red/black and yellow/blue boxes are cinema spaces that have films playing on 4 screens.
The little people are human sculptures, metaphorical heroes and villains. The white blons represent other large sculptures.

These are a couple of early installations of mine from 2006.

This is me! In my studio, early 2009.

An installation at Louis Vuitton. I've been working with them since 2007. I'm not like Murakami or Richard Prince doing handbags or anything like that I just get on real well with the people at the HK office so we've done a couple of projects together locally. Super nice people. I'm not really tied into LV the brand international in any way, it's really more of a personal relationship thing with the staff here.

These 2 above are an installation/performance from 2008 in Hong Kong. 'This Brutal house'. It was produced when i was very ill and after opening the show I pretty much disappeared for a year while i recovered.

These images are all from the 'Looking for Antonio Mak' show I was involved in at the beginning of 2009. It was at the HK Museum of Art and curated by the wonderful Valerie Doran who I'm lucky enough to have involved in the Hope and Glory project.
This was a pivotal show for me. It was non-commercial and very well attended at really seemed to move people that saw it. Encouraged me to do the same, build a show that would have a real impact on my community, rather than a purely ego driven, self enriching commercial project.

My contribution to that project was a film of a tiger. It was very expensive to rent a tiger and film it but by some bizarre co-incidence a friend wanted a painting of a tiger so I used that income to fund the filming as there was no income from the exhibition.
The film played on 4 screens and was accompanied by a Gorecki soundtrack, very powerfully tragic music.
Originally I wanted to have a real tiger in the space but the museum has so many rules and regulations it just wasn't possible.
I needed $200,000 to cover the costs but there was no budget from museum or government for the show. Valerie rustled up $30,000 towards my cost from the tiny amount of funding they had given her. I was so disappointed that our government came up with so little money for such an important show , I took the whole amount out in cash, folded each $100 note into little origami tigers and gave the whole lot away to people at the opening.

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