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Thursday, 28 January 2010


These are a couple of previews from some of the prototypes for the freakshow part of the exhibition, a number of people standing around in bizarre get up. If we have budget we'll have real people for the duration of the exhibition but more likely they'll be mannequins.
these were originally conceived by an amazing designer called Lucy McRae but because we don't have enough budget we could no longer afford her bill. Luckily she was happy to sell her work, and the rights to it, on to us and we'll finish it with our own twist.
If I manage to get some funding I'll drag her over here to finish the job herself though, a rare talent. I came across her work on Spike Jonze blog and emailed her blindly and she responded and the next thing you know we're making art. She lives in Amsterdam, Holland, I went out to see her a couple of months back. We had fun hanging out and riding bikes through the city too.

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