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Thursday, 28 January 2010

getting it done

A lot of the drawing work for the project is done by KplusK, an architect firm here in HK. Two twins own the joint, Paul and Johnny Kember. I work with Paul mostly. I've known these guys for a while and fortunately they like my work and have been able to barter with them. I give them paintings of mine and they do the technical drawings at no cost.
They're super nice guys and super talented architects. Every time we meet we have fun and they always pop a bottle at the meeting so i usually stagger out crunk as hell.
We pretty much finished the drawigns last week and they went off to the production crew who will physically start nailing shit together. All the big production is done in a factory in china and is turned around in just a matter of weeks, amazingly fast.
Above are some of the drawings, of the main sculpture that runs through the space, 40m long x4m tall. Also the 2 main cinema spaces, these are around 10mx10m.

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