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Friday, 15 January 2010

Hope and Glory

In April of this year, 2010, I'll be opening my new exhibition in Hong Kong. It's a 20,000 sq ft installation project called Hope and Glory. I've been working on it for the last year and we're now in the middle of the last phase of production, filming and PR planning.

I think it'll be useful to keep a diary of progress so this is part one, though i'll have to do a long update of where we're at right now.

The show is non-profit, open to the general public and consists of film, sculpture, installation and sound and is somewhat like a film set, or a theater set. The works are all physically large and the viewers wander through the environment at their own pace.

I'm funding the project myself through the income I'm making from selling my paintings so my bank account will be empty by the time it opens and so will my credit cards but hopefully I'll keep selling painting in future so i won't starve for too long.

None of the works are for sale, I really just wanted to make a big, spectacular exhibition. Something to keep my occupied I suppose.

The photo is of the little model I made to get my head around how the show will finally work. OK, so my model making skills suck but it works for me.

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