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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


It's all happening right now for the Hope and Glory project.

This last week:

Paul Kember,, finalised the technical drawings for the large sculptural works. These were handed off to Clive from and Alex,
These guys will be doing the main physical build.

In the meantime both Laura,, and Henry,, are organising the last couple of major location shoots. One is a 3D film of a horse, the other is of a woman falling down the side of a 40 storey building (very complicated, stunt girl, green screen, high speed camera, etc).

Stanley Wong,, is working on graphic design as are Diesel, (

I'm bouncing between meetings. Still trying to convince the wealthy of Hong Kong to put some cash into the project but not much luck so far. Getting ready to meet the government, Tourism Commission, to try to get money from the Mega Fund,

I've been making my own lo-fi films these last weeks too. A fake documentary interviewing friends about the loss of a close friend, a film using Xbox Halo 3 and another couple that use clips from popular movies re-ordered into a new narrative.

This weekend we film an American Idol style film where we will replace singers with 'famous' artists. These great guys, Simon, Derek and Vince are managing the whole thing for love,

I'm also in the studio most days getting commissioned paintings done as this income is what is currently funding the whole project.

Also in the studio is Gary and Mimi who are helping to build a large installation that is made from thousands of tiny spaceships. It's a total mess as we are experimenting with silicone, cement, plaster, trying to find a solution to home make this thing which has to fill a 2000sqft space.

Curator Valerie is looking over my shoulder making sure I don't stray too far conceptually. It's difficult to reign in my energy and I keep wanting to add more stuff into the show. She's got a huge task in front of her to formalise all this activity into a piece of writing that will become the book of the show.

We're working with friends at Hong Kong University to design an educational component. lectures or symposium that include the students from that institution.

Louis Vuitton have offered to manage and sponsor that component,

Shanghai Tang,, just threw in some cash but in return I have to do their window displays for March so I'[ve only got a week or so to come up with something clever.

I also took a commission from a big hotel in Shanghai, It's not built yet but when it is I've been asked to produce paintings for the lobby, a video installation, and sculpture all for the lobby area. That income is a big chunk of the Hope and Glory budget so couldn't say no. The interiors are designed by KplusK too.

James Lavelle offered to produce the soundtrack to the films so I'm desperately trying to get all done to give him plenty of time, Also Gary Gunn,, a great producer from NYC i met randomly in Miami is going to do a few soundtrack elements too.

Lucy McRae was an early collaborator on the show,, but she's now got other things going on so we're adapting her initial work and developing it further with local costume designer Alvina Lee.

Not enough hours in the day for all this but a lot of fun nonetheless.

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